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Switching Hosts and Transferring Domain

Although I loved HostGator's service over the past few years, they've been charging way too much for me to host such a simple website. I paid around $90 a year with them and decided to look elsewhere for good, cheap service. After researching shared hosting providers for about two days I found out about A Small Orange. They aren't a particularly mainstream provider but they gained enough popularity to be bought by EIG, Inc. Thankfully EIG lets them work independently and run their own company. ASO has a reputation for not hiding anything about what you're paying for. They tell you exactly how much bandwidth you can use a month and how much storage you actually have. I went with their Tiny plan (2 GB bandwidth, 250 MB storage) and so far it has been great. An unintended result of transferring to them is that my site is much faster now. This may be due to their SSD storage or less load on the shared hosting servers. Best of all, I'm paying $35 a year now.

In terms of my domain, I finally learned my lesson that you shouldn't keep your domain and hosting all with the same provider. Most domain registrars tend to have mediocre shared hosting. Because of this I am transferring my domain to NameCheap. They had a transfer special today where you can get about half off of a transfer. This will save me about $5 a year on my domain compared to HostGator. The transfer hasn't completed yet but I don't think I will run into any issues.

As a side note, CloudFlare is amazing! It is free and fast and if you're running a blog I would definitely recommend it. My site loads in about 1.7 seconds with CloudFlare turned on to aggressive settings.