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Hello! My name is Eric or erd. I've been fascinated with computers for as long as I could see ads for Intel Pentium II laptops in magazines. I always wanted to own one of those laptops as a kid but it would be many years later until I could afford one. In the meantime during elementary and middle school, I would break a lot of computers not understanding how they worked and eventually came around to being able to fix them. I started to fix family members' and friends' computers and was able to save up enough money from that to buy an Dell Inspiron 6000. It wasn't a very fast computer but it quickly got me into more serious online video games on PC and with that introduced me to clans, BitTorrent, Steam, eDonkey, exploiting, Photoshop, Linux, BSD, and so much more. I never really had much of an interest in Computer Science, especially after I took AP Computer Science in high school. That class led me to believe that programming and CS were composed of mundane tasks where there's not much creativity. It was only until I had the opportunity to build an administrator site for a friend's father's real estate site from scratch that I became passionate about CS and programming. It was at that point I switched majors in college to Computer Science. Since then, I graduated from Florida State University in 2014 and have been working as a professional Software Engineer on various projects in different positions. This page is likely to get outdated professionally speaking, so see my LinkedIn for up to date experiences.

This site is mainly my blog, which is very rarely updated and currently mostly humors me to see how I talk and write as the years have passed.